Looking for a 6-months internship

I’m currently looking for a 6-month internship to obtain my master degree in Art and Culture Management with a Digital technologies and Medias option, at the University of Angers (France). I am available from july 2014, where I will be in South-Korea, but I’m also interested in the rest of East-Asia, North-America and Europe. Efficient and flexible, I can carry various missions such as production, project management, communication and graphic design in the fields of art and culture.

Writing a master dissertation on Kpop music

My preferences goes to the music and video industries, as I am currently writing my dissertation on the international export of the Korean pop music (K-pop), between the hybridity and connections of the cultural values. Under this projet, I will implement a survey of Kpop fans around the world from june to december 2014. All my project will be explain from another website (adress coming soon) and if you are interrested in the result and in my work, I plan to elaborate partnerships to extend the reach of my survey, please let me know if you are interrested.

Video project to share my journey

I will be studying in South-Korea from march to june 2014, in Ewha Womans University for a graduate exchange semester, with an Art and Culture major. This great experience will be the opportunity for me to immerse myself in this culture that I'm passionate about, and to practice the Korean language that I study for almost 2 years now. This trip will also be essential for my internship and dissertation projects. I am going to capitalize on this wonderfull experience to make videos, in order to share it on a poetic and proximitive way.